1999 BFA in Environment Art, Namseoul University
2008 MFA in Environmental Sculpture, University of Seoul

2017 Irreversibility of time (Rooftop Art Lounge TOM, Seoul)
2014 Sealed Eternity (Jeju Museum of Contemporary Art, Jeju)
2012 Cosmos Fractal (Dukwon Gallery, Seoul)
2011 LI SETBYUL, OH SOONMI Culture Cube FORCE Opening Exhibition(Culture Cube FORCE, Beijing)
2008 The Solo Invitation Exhibition KAST "Korea Art Summer Festival"(SETEC)
2007 [The infinite in the finite] The Second Hanglass Gallery Blue Square
2006 The First KAPM Korea Art Festival, The Best Artist Preview (Seoul Art Center - HanGaRam Art Museum)
2005 [Blue Imagination] 2 Man Show, Ju-young Lee, Soon-Mi Oh (Seoul Art Center - HanGaRam Art Museum)

2019 PrøveRommet (Lydgalleriet, Bergen, Norway)
2018 Irreversibility of time (Gallery COSA, Seoul)
DMZ International Art Festa (Unification Observatory, Goseong)
9518 Exhibition (Tongin Gallery, Seoul)
2017 Irreversibility of time (PINEA-LINEA DE COSTA, Spain)
Eve Project (Vivaldi Art House, Gyeonggido)
La reunificacion pacifica de las dos Corea (Museo de Arte Moderno de Buenos Aires, Argentina)
2016 PrøveRommet (Bergen Museum, Bergen, Norway)
Spoon Art Show (Kintex, Gyeonggido)
Club Sandwich and Oh Soomni duo show (Puls Gallery, Norway)
International Exchange Exhibition of Contemporory Art (Curator Peng Jie, Li Gallery, Shenzhen)
What is art? (Goyang Aramnuri art Museum, Gyeonggido)
Interactive Art (Interactive art Museum, Gyeonggido)
2015 City+Rock (Seongnam Arts Center, Gyeonggido)
Piled on Time (Museum of Seoul National University of Science and Technology, Seoul)

The NordArt2014 (Kunstwerk Carlshuette, Budelsdorf)
Vanitas (Museum of Chosun University, Jeonla-Do)


The NordArt2013 (Kunstwerk Carlshuette, Budelsdorf)
Korean Contemporary Art (National Art Gallery, Jakarta)


7th edition International the Streaming Festival (Het Nutshuis, Hague)
Exchange exhibition Taiwan, Korea (National Art Museum, Taipei)
Convergence (Yangpyung Art Museum, Gyeonggi-do)
Today's Contemporary Art (Uijeongbu Arts Center, Gyeonggi-do)
Cosmos Fractal (Dukwon Gallery, Seoul)
Taiwan & Korean Exchange Exhibition (College of art Museum, Taiwan Univ, Taipei)
Modern Art fair (aT Center, Seoul)


Jara Island Baggat Art Exhibition (Jara Island, Gapyeong, Korea)
Place, Makes the Traces (County Hall in Gapyeong, Korea)
Bible: Contemporary visual artists (RIVUS Gallery, Inchon, Korea)
Korean Contemporary Plastic Artists Exhibition (The Consulate General of the Republic of Korea, Istanbul)

2010 SMART (Gyeongnam Art Museuum, Gyeongnam, Korea)
Art & Wit (3.15 ART CENTER, Masan, Korea)
artBa'10 Contemporary Art Fair (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
The Vermont Open Studio (The Vermont Studio Center, Vermont, US)
New Masters 39 (C Art Museum, Gyeonggido, Korea)
2009 The Invitation Exhibition for Promising Artists (Seoul Art Museum, Seoul)
Such as Nature (Sung Kok Museum, Seoul)
Imagination Plus (Arts and Sports Center, Gimhae)
Look & here (Seoul Art Center – HanGaRam Art Museu, Seoul)
Korean Contemporary Plastic Artists Association Invitation Exhibition (International Art Museum, Malaysia)
olleh Art Exhibition (KumHo Art Museum, Seoul)
Seongnam Design Festival 2009 (Seong Nam City Hall, Gyeonggido)
2008 [Two lines of Sight], New World Exhibition (Gallery Han, Seoul)
Project Exhibition of Gallery Pyunghwa (Gallery Pyunghwa, Seoul)
Korea Art Festival (Sejong Center for the Performing Arts, Seoul)
The imaged abortion (Seoul Foundation Arts and Culture, Seoul)
Korea & China Modern Beaux-arts Intercourse Exhibition (798 Cool gallery, Beijing)
Invisible Art Exhibition (Korean Cultural Service China, Beijing)
2007 Opening Exhibition of Formative Hall at University of Seoul (Campus at University of Seoul, Seoul)
The Second Energy + Energy Exhibition (Gallery With White, Seoul)
[Intuition & Metaphor Through a Match Girl] (Gallery The Amore Star, Seoul)
Animal in Art (Seongnam Arts Center, Gyeonggido)
Science+Art (at Cente, Seoul)
The Answer Is… (Alternative Theater of Cafe the other, Seoul)
2006 New World Exhibition (Gallery Han, Seoul)
Opening Exhibition of Jungnang Cultural Gymnasium
(Jungnang Cultural Gymnasium, Seoul)
Jungnang Artist Preview (Jungnang Cultral Center, Seoul)
2005 The Second Energy + Energy Exhibition (Gallery With White, Seoul)
Jungnang Art Association Exhibition (Jungnang Cultural Center, Seoul)
[Intuition & Metaphor Through a Match Girl] (Gallery The Amore Star, Seoul)
2004 The First Formative Art Exhibition (Seongdong-Gu Office Gallery, Seoul)
[Make Your Own Show] The Second Project (Thu,Fri,Sat Gallery, Seoul)
Opening Exhibition of Formative Hall at The University of Seoul (Campus at The University of Seoul)
2017 PINEA-LINEA DE COSTA (Rota, Spain)
2016 Kunstnarhuset Messen (Ålvik, Norway)
2013 Jeju Museum of Contemporary Art (Jeju, Korea)
2010 The Vermont Studio Center (Vermont, US)
2008 The Study on Application of Glass in Environmental Sculpture
2017 Arts Council Korea, Grant for the PINEA-LINEA DE COSTA residency, Spain
2017 Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture, Grant for the 2017 Oh, Soonmi Solo Exhibition
2016 Arts Council Korea, Grant for the Messen International residency, Norway2016
2014 Arts Council Korea, Grant for the NordArt, Germany2014
2013 NordArt2013 Public Choice Award, Germany
2010 Vermont Studio Center, partial grant, U.S.A.
2008 Received a first class award, Cheongyang Nature Art Festival
2006 Received a special award of Culture Minister, KAPM Korea Art Festival
2005 Received the best artist award, KAPM Korea Art Festival

2018 Alphadom City (Pangyo, Gyeonggi-do, Korea)
2017 Incheon Airport (Incheon, Korea)
2015 Suwon-Searyu 1BL Jugong Apartment (Gyeonggi-do, Korea)
2014 The NordArt (Kunstwerk Carlshuette, Budelsdorf)
2014 Gaje-wol Catholic Cathedral, Catholic Archdiocese of Seoul
2013 Osan Museum of Art (Gyeonggi-do, Korea)
2011 Sculpture honoring the sister city relations between Incheon City, Republic of Korea and Burbank City, U.S.A. (Northwest Branch Library, Burbank, U.S.A.)
2011 Industrial Bank of Training Institute (Chungju, Korea)
2010 Korean Embassy in Argentina (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
2009 Korea Telephone CORPORATION (Seoul, Korea)